Quilt Sashing & Settings - The Basics and Beyond

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Quilt Sashing & Settings - The Basics and Beyond

Author, teacher and former, long-time editor of Quilt magazine, Jean Ann Wright shares her secret, "Simplicity always works" in Quilt Sashings & Settings The basics & beyond, the eleventh title in this best-selling how-to technique series. Journey with Jean Ann and sew through Quilt Sashings & Settings The basics & beyond to discover how easy it is to make fun, creative and interesting quilts. Mix and match. Get started with a selection of blocks followed by a selection of basic settings--from the basic block-to-block through strippy quilts, medallion quilts, diagonal and on-point settings to the unique versatile Circle of Nine. Enjoy a variety of quilting experiences. A chapter on ways to manipulate color, value and scale in the fabric patterns shows how to create a stunning quilt with the "wow" factor. More than 20 projects are included, each with accurate instructions and step-by-step photos. From quilts and wallhangings to throws and table runners, you'll find inspiration for: •Basic sashings •Creative settings •Mixing & matching •Exploring color, value and scale