Project Pattern

Posted by Claudia on 2018 May 31st

Hi Quilters,

Last week we talked about what fabrics I like to use, and this week we’re talking about quilt patterns. First of all I’d like to talk about what kind of quilter I am. I was having this conversation with my mom and one of our friends the other day. My mom said she was a piecer, while our friend said that she liked quilting more, which got me thinking about what kind of quilter I am. I decided that I am a challenge quilter. I like a challenge when making a quilt. Right now I’m figuring out how to sew circles. A while ago I decided to make a complicated Elizabeth Hartman pattern, but only had two days to do it.

So onto patterns, I love all things Elizabeth Hartman, and Jaybird Quilts. Elizabeth Hartman makes these incredible animal patterns, that are fantastic to follow. There is a picture for almost every step you’ll do, it is really hard to get lost while doing one of her patterns. Jaybird on the other hand, makes these amazing shapes in her quilts, but makes it as easy as possible for the person sewing. I can make one of her quilts with hexagons in it and never have to do a Y-seam. I have made a number of both of their patterns, and never once have I had an issue putting them together.

Now last week I said I would talk about why I think traditional patterns are very important. I think that traditional patterns are the foundation of quilting. All other, fancy and complicated patterns are made using bits and pieces of traditional patterns. I can’t tell you how many of Elizabeth Hartman patterns have half square triangles in them. Even one of my favourite Tula Pink patterns, Bird Seed, is mostly made up of flying geese. So as modern quilters I think we should all tip our hats to traditional quilt patterns, for giving us what we need to do what we do.

Tune in next week to learn why I will never hand quilt anything, and why I love my Gammill long arm.

Till next time…