Big Changes for Fabric Please!

Posted by Rita & Claudia on 2018 May 18th

Hello my lovelies!  
I've been M.I.A. for way too long and have been
neglecting your quilting needs
but I have some incredibly exciting news for you!

For all you 'makers' out there, you'll probably relate to me
when I say my business is part of me.
Fabric Please! has felt like another 'child' of mine.
Since it's inception in 2015, I've nurtured it and watched it grow.

With your help and support, I've created something that we can all be proud of!

With that in mind... Fabric Please! will be going through some big changes...
With a joyous heart, I'm handing over the reigns to new owners!!!

The Schumms have years of experience in the quilting world and will continue
to provide you with the same great customer service
you have come to expect at Fabric Please!

Jennifer & Claudia Schumm are a mother-daughter team currently operating
a Brick-and-Mortar quilt shop in New Hamburg, ON called Quilting by Design.  

Jennifer is an incredible business woman, quilter and friend!  She helped me navigate the quilting business when many would have shut their doors to me.  
I know you will be in great hands with Jennifer!

Claudia is a vibrant, young, whirlwind of energy that will breathe new life into the quilting world!  
She will be the one at the helm for 
Fabric Please! over all the social media platforms.  
She will take Fabric Please! mobile, just like I did!

You can look for the Fabric Please! trailer (new and improved!) at your quilting retreats, guild meetings and various events.  You'll also find the Fabric Please! booth at several quilt shows this season!

With the changes... Fabric Please! will be able to offer an even BIGGER selection of fabric to choose from, fantastic sales and now... a RETAIL LOCATION!!!  

The retail location will still be called Quilting by Design and the Fabric Please! website will remain the same.

Now, to answer some of the inevitable questions:

What will I be doing?
I'll be mentoring Claudia for a while so the transition is seamless.  
I'll guide her in how the mobile store works, help her with a few trade shows and show her the ropes in all things
Fabric Please!

Will I be leaving the quilting world?
Heck no! I'll be doing MORE quilting! I'll have a bit more time to make all the quilts that are swirling around my head!
Maybe I'll even get a chance to make a dent in my enormous stash (yeah, right)

What else will I be doing?
Many of you don't know, but I was a potter before I got into quilting.  
I will be spending time in my studio, throwing my pots and once I'm confident enough, will begin to sell my wares.  
My family and friends will be happy about this... I think they have enough quilts to keep them warm for a while... now they could use a few mugs and teapots to complete the picture (LOL).

 If you're interested in following the rest of my life's adventures... I'll (occasionally) share my shenanigans on my personal blog... Pin Pricked Fingers

Till we meet again...

Now... to let you meet the Schumms...

Hi quilters,

I’m Claudia and I am stoked to be embarking on this journey with all of you. Sewing has always been a big part of my life, from when my mom owned a fabric store when I was little, to sewing aprons with my grandma as a fun afternoon projects, to now running a store of my very own! I'd love to give you guys a little bit of my sewing story, so you guys can get to know me a little bit better.

I was introduced to sewing when I was about 4 or 5 by my mother when she owned a fabric store in my hometown of Mitchell, Ont. Now that was a short lived store as we decided to relocate to a small town outside of Kitchener, Ont. But the sewing didn't stop there. My mother and I made a small blanket out of pastel coloured minky. When that went well we moved onto a more intricate blanket, which basically meant, we actually loaded it up onto her long arm machine and quilted it instead of just tying it at the corners.

The other person who helped introduce me to sewing was my grandma. I remember many trips to her house, where we made hot pads and aprons with whatever fabric we could find. I think by the end of that sewing adventure I had about 4 or 5 aprons and a countless number of hot pads.

Now I didn't really get into quilting until my mother bought herself a computerized long arm quilting machine, and even then it took a lot to convince me to pick up a rotary cutter, and cut out the first quilt I would make completely by myself. The moment I finished putting the binding on, by machine of course because I didn't have the patience to hand sew it on, I was so proud of myself and I was hooked. That would have been about 7 years ago now, and there are still projects that I've started and haven't finished.

Since that day when I finished my first quilt, my sewing career has really progressed. Both my mother and I have vastly expanded our knowledge of computerized long arm quilting, we started quilting for other people, and reopened a fully functioning fabric store. We have attended quite a few quilt shows, given a number of talks, and this is more of a personal feat, but I am well on my way to meeting all of my quilting idols.

Now while the brick and mortar store is my mother’s baby, the online store is mine. I am so excited to be working alongside Rita while I learn the ropes of the online biz, and the mobile store. 

Till next time...