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My earliest memories take me back to when I visited local fabric shops with my mother.  I used to crawl around and wrap myself up in all the wonderful bolts of fabrics.  The textures, colours and patterns made me fall in love with this versatile medium.

I have been sewing most of my life and quilting for several years.  My son, family and  friends enjoy the fruits of my labour.  I’m not a ‘rule follower’, I create what my gut tells me to. I’ve cut before measuring, ripped stitches that were actually meant to be there and basically thumbed my nose at the “quilt police”.  I write about it on my blog Pin Pricked Fingers.

I opened my online shop in February 2014 and have been loving every second of it!  Fabric Please! is a one-woman business.  Every bolt of fabric has been chosen with you in mind.  I try to blend the modern convinence of online shopping with old fashioned service and values.  Every online order is treated with love and care, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, as if it were a gift from me to you.  I believe every customer is the most important customer.

I use the fabrics I sell so I know how they feel, how they wash and how they stand up to everyday wear. My tastes are eclectic so I try to have a wide variety to choose from.  Hopefully, you will find something you just have to have!

I’d love to be the one to feed your fabric obsessions, just say “Fabric Please!”  In the meantime, if you love fabric as much as I do, why not pour yourself a cuppa and join me in my shop!

Rita Ferber, Owner
Fabric Please!

Mailing Address:

PO 352
New Dundee
ON, Canada