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Monthly Fat Quarter Frenzy Bundles!

Posted on: April 17th, 2017 by Rita Ferber

There’s no denying it, you seem to love the FQ Frenzy* bundles that I offer on Instagram & Facebook!

You love them so much, you have asked for a monthly subscription option!

So, here it is!

You now have the option of receiving

6pc FQ Frenzy for $24.85


8pc FQ Frenzy for $33.25

Here’s a sample of the first bundle you’ll receive

6pc FQ Frenzy

8pc FQ Frenzy

Each bundle will have beautifully coordinated prints and solids for you to use together or to add to your stash.  You will be billed for the first bundle at time of purchase and your bundle will be shipped out within 1-3 days.  You will then be billed each month consecutively for as long as you wish to receive the bundles.  You can suspend the membership for any reason or cancel it completely at any time.

We all love getting surprises,

why not surprise yourself each month with a FQ Bundle subscription today?

 *Oh, a quick note about the FQ Frenzy! bundles on Instagram & FB… I will not be offering those as a weekly item anymore… I will still offer them occassionally as a little pop-up item.  Follow me on social media to catch the deals!

Till next time…


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